Mia Mogl

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„If someone is telling you that you can’t do something, that’s your sign to start doing it.“

-mia mogl

Mia Elisabeth Vogl is an Artist and Graphic Designer from Germany. She’s been obsessed with creating things since her early childhood, often declaring it as her only talent, her 7th sense. Mia has graduated from Art School in the year of 2017, and then decided to study Graphic Design. Well, her mum advised her to study that, rather than Free Arts. Today, Mia is very happy about this decision, because it allowed her to find her very own unique style, settling somewhere between Art and Design. She is known for her playful and loud letterings. Her work is one of a kind; truly expressive, abstract, super fun and influenced by Pop Art and Old Cartoon Style. If you are looking for a fresh Design that no one has ever seen before, Mia is the right person to do the job!

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